Ecast Productions / Schneider Electric – Osrick in Johannesburg: You’re On

Credit: Director of Photography

Produced by Ecast Productions

Herring Run 2016

Bells Neck Conservation Area, Harwich, MA

Check out Harwich Conservation Trust for more information on this amazing spot!

Ecast Productions / Schneider Electric – Melanie in Boston: You’re On

Credit: Director of Photography

Produced by Ecast Productions

The Hatchery at Chase Garden Creek Video

Another great collaboration that will help preserve open space on the Cape.

Link to the Dennis Conservation Trust page with more information.

Links to our other partners:

ARC Selfie

Algae for baby oysters and clams.

Norm and me flying

Norm St. Pierre and I flying above Old Cape Cod.

Providence College Capital Campaign

Another successful collaboration with Providence College. This video captures the essence of the college’s goals and mission.

We used, Sony FS700s, with Metabones speed boosters and Nikon lenses. Second camera was on a Kessler Cine-Slider with the Parallax Rail attachment.

Fr Cuddy Prod shot

Reaching Heart School of Ballet

We are pleased to present our collaboration with The Reaching Heart School of Ballet.

This project was a joy to produce and shoot. Melissa Hayes Heart has created such an amazing educational space for her students and their families. From the moment I walked in to her studio I knew that I wanted to make this film. I knew that it was going to be a beautiful place to shoot, I did not expect that the interviewees would would be so sincere and full of emotion.

Shot with Sony FS700 with a Metabones speed booster, and Nikon lenses. Also, Panasonic HVX200 with a Letus Ultimate.

RHC Int Setup
(Shooting with the Eye-Direct, we had the girls interview each other)

Chime In

We had some fun playing with Bees, Bubbles and the Sony FS700 that can shoot 240 frames/second in full HD. Everything was shot with Nikon Prime lenses.

Dennis Conservation Trust Overview Video

We’re very proud of our continued partnership with the Dennis Conservation Trust.

Visit to learn more about the Trust and how you can be a part of preserving the
landscape on the Cape.

WW II Documentary at RI Film Fest – watch the trailer!

Ocean Planning – Sea Grant Videos (URI)